Difference-in-Differences (DiD) Checklist

Causal Inference
Research Methods
A comprehensive checklist for conducting Difference-in-Differences analysis in econometrics and causal inference.

July 4, 2024

Purpose: To systematically guide researchers through the process of conducting a Difference-in-Differences analysis, ensuring key steps and considerations are addressed.

Background: This checklist is inspired by a tweet from @pedrohcgs, which outlined essential steps in DiD analysis. I’ve expanded on this to create a more comprehensive, actionable checklist for researchers and analysts.

Download: You can download this checklist as a Markdown file to use offline or integrate into your own research workflow.


  1. Prepare Data and Visualize Treatment
  2. Select Comparison Groups
  3. Conduct Initial Analysis
  4. Refine Analysis with Covariates
  5. Sensitivity Analysis
  6. Alternative Methods

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Action: Use this checklist to ensure a thorough and methodologically sound Difference-in-Differences analysis. Document your decisions and findings at each step to support your research conclusions.