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UCSD Physics PhD Qualifying Exams and Solutions

Here is a listing of the most up to date quals and solutions that I have. If you have an exam that I don’t — please contact me. Also, contact me with any errors that you find (in the links below or in the solutions).

The table below contains links to individual qualifying exams. If you want to grab a bunch of historical qualifying exams at once download the .tar.gz files linked in the table.


2013 Fall exam — Q3 solution (undergrad e&m) I believe that the denominators on equations 4 and 5 should be (in LaTeX) B^2*\ell^2, not B^2*L^2. — Sheena Patel

Here is a Google Sheet that categorizes a number of physics qualifying exam questions. If you find it helpful, please consider helping to edit and add to the document (just ask me for edit privileges).


Update 2018-03-19: Added 2017 Fall (thanks Sharmila)

Update 2017-03-15: Added 2016 Fall (thanks Sharmila).

Update 2016-04-27: Added 2016 Spring (thanks Sharmila).

Update 2016-02-23: Added Solutions to Spring 2013 qual; Added Fall 2015 qual (Thanks Sharmila Poddar); Added zipped pdf files.

Update 2015-08-24: Added 2015 Spring (thanks Leandra Boucheron).

Update 2014-09-09: Updated Spring/Fall 2014 (thanks Leandra Boucheron).

Update 2014-02-15: Updated Fall 2012, Spring, Fall 2013 quals (thanks Alex Mendez).

Update 2012-10-02: I have updated the Spring 2012 qual (with solutions).

Update 2012-07-10: I have updated the Fall 2011 qual to have the correct solution set. Thanks for notifying me of the error!

Update 2011-12-14: I have added the Fall 2011 qual.

Update 2011-08-29: I have updated the Spring 2010 qual with the correct exam. Thank you for notifying me!