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Professional Biography

Jonathan Whitmore, PhD, is a Senior Data Scientist at Silicon Valley Data Science. He is the author of the O’Reilly screencast: Jupyter Notebook for Data Science Teams. As an Instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies Jonathan taught a class on Optimizing Data Science Workflows in Spring 2017. Jonathan is a regular conference and keynote speaker on career, science, and technical topics.

He facilitated the transition between academia and the tech industry in 2014 through a Postdoctoral Fellow at Insight Data Science. Before moving into the tech industry, Dr. Whitmore worked as an astrophysicist in Melbourne, Australia, and he starred in the 3D IMAX astronomy documentary Hidden Universe. Dr. Whitmore received his PhD in physics from the University of California, San Diego (2011), and graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University (2005) with a Bachelor of Science triple major in physics, philosophy, and mathematics.


2016 headshot

2016 headshot blue background

Less-Professional Biography

This website has my thoughts on a wide variety of topics that interest me. The topics range from data science to astrophysics, from generating algorithmic art to estimating Abstract Expressionist auction pricing, from stock market investing strategies to open source software development.

Random fact about me: my Bacon Number is 3.

Another random fact: I was rated “an excellent seat neighbour” on long haul flights by a professional travel writer Katrina Lobley. Flight Review.

Hidden Universe Trailer

I was in a 3D IMAX (my IMDB page) and here is the trailer (you can see me walking among the telescopes of the VLT from about 10-20 seconds in):